Our Sustainability


Low Impact Sustainability

Our effect on the environment is important to us. We strive to do better every day. At Ultra-Tech Printing, our sustainability keeps our impact low.

Committed to Sustainability

Ultra-Tech Printing is committed to sustainability. Our UV Flexo technology is widely recognized as the lowest impact printing process in terms of air quality and energy use.

Unlike solvent and water-based inks, UV inks generate no VOCs because our inks do not dry through an evaporative process. As a result, we do not require special EPA permits to operate, and we avoid the expense of costly systems to capture the VOCs that other processes generate.

We have an extensive recycling program for our paper and related scrap, and many of our products (such as folding cartons) use renewable resources and are fully recyclable.

We are Ultra Innovative

We strive to be leaders and innovators in specialized printing. Request a quote if you’re interested in our flexible packaging products or UV printing services.

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Our Technology

Because we’re fast, affordable, and solutions-focused, we’re geared to make every product a success.

Our Sustainability

Having a low environmental impact is important to us and important for the planet. We do it because we care.

Our Certifications

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Reviews From Our Customers

It is our mission to generate competitive advantages for our customers in terms of speed, cost quality, and flexibility. These customer testimonials are a reflection of our dedication.