Our Technology

We are always striving to improve our printing and keep costs down for you. Thanks to the latest technology in our facilities, we can do just that.

Our technology is what sets us apart. Take a look:

UV Flexo Technology

We combine two printing techniques—ultraviolet inks and flexography—to improve quality while cutting costs for you, simplifying your work, and reducing our environmental impact.

UV Flexo technology means more “pop” and shelf appeal; greater color consistency; superior scuff, fade, and chemical resistance; the shortest lead time; no order minimums; and the highest quality. This technology allows us to reduce your costs. UV inks produce minimal VOCs and less waste.

In-Line Production

Our equipment produces printed, die-cut products in a single, in-line process. We can print up to two colors on the back of many products, also in-line. As a result, we avoid the extra costs and time associated with most sheetfed presses that require several steps.

Graphics and Artwork

As a supplier of printing plates to other West Michigan printers, we know how to make high quality printing plates.

Substrates and Materials

We print on a wide range of substrates 2 mil to 24 point including SBS; Kraft-back; CCNB; PVC, VALERON, PET, metallic and prismatic foils, films, Tyvek, and many others.

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Our Sustainability

Having a low environmental impact is important to us and important for the planet. We do it because we care.

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